Comfort women problem" by Takahashi Tomiyo

The United States blames Japan for “Comfort woman”,
Is that fair?
This essay is a requiem for many Japanese women who became victims of sexual desire of American soldiers.
By Takahashi Tomiyo, a city council member of Shimoda-city, Shizuoka            

   I was born and raised in Shimoda, which was visited by American black ships at the end of Edo Period. I had familiarity to America since I was a child, for I saw Kurofune (black ship) festival every year. The sight of black ships in the festival in Sagami Bay was something so impressive to a little girl. In my memory, America appeared sometimes as a sailor, sometimes as an ambassador.
I grew up to know that the Pacific War had been cleverly set by America like a mean trap. Even though I still had longing for the US.
 I suppose many Japanese people had similar impression about the US through its movies and dramas.
“The United States of America, the country of justice, rich and promising!”
   But such feeling of mine suddenly collapsed.
It was April 25, 2014 when I heard what the President Obama said at a conference with President Park Geun-hye in Seoul that my one-side love to the US was over.
   “It was an extreme violation of human right”, President Obama started. “The right of the Comfort women should be respected”. ”Japan should admit the past honestly and justly”.
He blamed Japan and even added, “The Prime Minister Abe and Japanese people must have known that.”
  It is the US National Archives that keeps the US Army’s examination record in 1944 to 20 Korean comfort women. It was written on the preface of the archives, “Comfort women are just prostitutes (Professional Camp followers) “.
To President Obama, the truth is meaningless. To take part with Korea and insult Japan is as easy as slapping a mosquito!

   When Prime Minister Abe visited Yasukuni Shrine, President Obama said he was “disappointed”. I had already felt uneasy at that time. The United States, which opened the court of Tokyo Trial, couldn’t have been ignorant what “class A war criminals” really were.
In short, they were made-up crimes.

   If Japan had won, there might have been a lot of war criminals on the side of the United States.
However, I dared not face the doubt that arose in my mind. Maybe because I had potential sense of fear that Japan-the US alliance, which is really important for the defense of Japan, might fall apart.
   In addition to that, I might have been disciplined not to oppose “Master United States”, otherwise we would be beaten instead of being fed. That kind of discipline was given to us through school education and mass media such as NHK, both of which were under control of GHQ.
   Hearing President Obama’s words, I was made to know the existence of “whip” that has always been over the head of Japan. I had been a conservative pro-American, but I felt as if the ground I stood on started to break down. His words made it clear that the US is for Korea and against Japan.
America’s “whip” is used when Japanese people begin to know the truth of the history that they want to hide, at first on the floor to threaten Japan. And when Japan tries to be independent, that “whip” will hit Japan on the head.

   I was astonished at the fact that NHK, other broadcasting companies and newspapers are still under press-code after the war. They haven't get out of it yet!
Teachers Union and textbooks which are actually made by them, and sometimes even entrance examinations are still the tools to dishonor and weaken Japan.

   President Obama signed the law to give the highest decoration in the assembly, of all people, to Doolittle Raid Super fortresses that carried out the Great Tokyo Air Raid. In the Air Raid all around Japan, 330 thousand private citizens were killed including babies and children who were totally unable to resist. Adding up the victims of Atomic Bombs, 770 thousand non-combatants lost their lives.
  Nevertheless, “Outstanding courage” is the reason of awarding!
  China and Korea have blamed Japan persistently. They continued Anti-Japan movement. However, that was started from the Tokyo Trial and GHQ policy aiming for weakening Japan.
Take a look at press-code the occupation army put on mass media in Japan. They prohibited to criticize Koreans and China in addition to the United Nations Army.
   The Japanese should think of the meaning that especially “Koreans” made free from criticism. It was a policy to give privilege to Koreans in Japan and overlook their crimes. Weren’t they Trojan horse that multiply themselves? Overlooking the crimes of “Korea Occupation Forces” is an example. I am not being discriminative. We should start from facing the facts of history, otherwise Japan can’t find which direction to go. There were Koreans who fought as Japanese, for Korea was a part of Japan at that time. But GHQ made them think they had been victims of Japan.

  In order to avoid criticism from the world to be a country of slavery, the Unite States needed to make Japan look to be a worse country than itself. Japan didn’t have history of slavery, so “Colonizing Korea” was made up. It was a fiction but made into "a fact" at Tokyo Trial.
   It was the United States that killed Native Americans, deprived them of their land. It was a hard master to slaves. It also ruined Hawaiian kingdom.
  Japan-Korea Annexation was not colonialism that white people have in mind . Colonialism comes with exploitation and oppression, but what Japan did was unification. Japan made the bases of Korea to grow to be a modern nation.

   Before the World War 2, the white people worked colored people hard like dumb beast and made excessive profits. Japan broke up that condition and destroyed the bad power balance of the world. That was the significance of the War.
   The victory of Japan-China war and Japan-Russia war meant to the white that a yellow monkey did something really astonishing. They were frightened and hated it. In amazement they stared at the monkey on "the Planet of the Apes" that had intelligence and even culture. After coming to themselves, they hit the monkey and broke its arms and legs so that it would not be able to stand up again.

   In the text of the press-code, there was” the criticism against GHQ for having drafted the Constitution of Japan”. This is worth paying attention. It is easier to draw than to force.
  Recently many people are arguing about the revision of the constitution. But the Allied Forces are confessing,” We drafted the Constitution of Japan in order to weaken Japan. So criticism is not allowed.”
It means that if Japan want to be an independent nation, the revision of the constitution shouldn’t be avoided.

  There was also an article on the press code, “Don’t report the relations between Occupation army soldiers and Japanese women”.
  The word “relations” probably includes rapes to Japanese women by the United States soldiers. There happened quite a lot of such cases.
  When I think of this, I can’t help remembering of many women who dared to lay themselves down as a “Breakwater”, so as to prevent rapes from occurring too frequently. Some of them might have become comfort women because of poverty. But thanks to them, the number of rapes was decreased.

   Although there were some soldiers from Australia and Great Britain in the Allied Forces, the majority were United States soldiers. So it would be okay to call them the US soldiers.
  The first thing of all, the US army demanded to set comfort stations. They did so in every place in Japan. A historical material called “Chiba official document” tells details of setting a comfort station which was set on September 5th 1945 in Tateyama for the 112th Army soldiers.

   I'm not such a hypocrite to get angry with it.
I can imagine what young soldiers sexual desire would be like after estranged from the other sex for a long time. It is natural to have such impulse.
   But there are some Americans, mainly Puritans I suppose, who don’t want to admit this fact. The false statement which merely sounds clean to peoples ears distort the truth. The comfort station set everywhere in Japan were called “Association of entertainment” in American style in a beautiful way, though they were actually a house of prostitution.
  The US Forces officially do not admit prostitution facilities, so they say such places did not exist.

   The special correspondent Mark Gayn in Chicago Sun paper said, “Comfort stations were the plot of Japan in order to corrupt the U.S. Forces. The means were alcohol and women, and the purpose was to destroy morale of soldiers and Occupation policy”. He didn’t mention that during occupation period, the murders for Japanese people by the US soldiers were about 350 and rapes were more than 1000 every year (by the Procurement Agency).
    100,000 people were killed in Tokyo-air raid, but Mark Gain wrote the victims were “6,000”. What terrible hypocrisy and lies!
   Association of Foreign Correspondent was base for transmitting information of GHQ, its nature has not changed.

    “Comfort stations” were soon closed because of Mrs. Roosevelt’s opposition. For her “cleanness” rapes increased again and ordinary Japanese women became the victims.
I feel so sad and can’t help holding indignation about such large number of comfort women even names are not known. The US ignores such women’s sacrifice to protect Japanese girls from rapes.
   They blame only Japan as if they did not do anyting wrong.
Weren’t their hands dirty? What was the sacrifice of those women paid for?
The US doesn’t want to face this horrible fact and made up story that such Japanese women never existed. I would not overlook that! I will continue to write about them and try to let people know what really occurred.
   Generally speaking, Japanese people say what they did they did.
In some cases, there were people who said what they hadn’t done they had done.
Kono statement is an example. It is like a good one troubles himself. Japan has a spirit of Shintoism. To be sincere and honest is highly estimated. They try not to stick to the wrong deed done by others and forgive it. Try to let the past be the past, repay a favor to a favor. Even though such a great number of non-combatants were killed in the massive air raid and the atomic bomb, they do not point that out and blame the ally repeatedly.
   The simplicity is a characteristic of the Japanese. But the American, orshould rather say people in other foreign countries, have different spirit.
  In order to keep their own interest and to conceal the bad they did, they would not hesitate to betray their partners. But there is no use mentioning others' faults
Japan should not consider that other countries have the similar mentality and the same way of thinking as Japan. Sometimes they can be wicked and dishonest. Japan should understand that.

  Japan should have known better, but it failed the first step after the war and has been in the same way for 69 years. The US joined anti-Japan network of China and Korea.
The yellow monkey was smart and stood up immediately in the burnt-out land, and became a major economic power.
  Those countries wanted to tear off money, and Japan was made to give unreasonable ODA to China and South Korea. The United Nations forced expenses without real power. All such things were done to intend to weaken Japan financially. But Japan was tough.

 It is elementary theory that is shameful, however, the first step was neglected for 70 years after the War, and it is the current wretched state. The double anti-Japan encircling net of South Korea and China, further, encloses anti-Japan of the United States. The yellow monkeys are excellent, even if there was lucky. From the burnt-out area by the War stand up now one of the major economic power. Then, to tear off money, unreasonable ODA to China and South Korea, expenses without the real power to the United Nations, such as the weakening on the money are intended, Japan is obstinate, the United States resumed Japanese assault.

   Note that the 1st Article of the inspection of the occupation army includes “the criticism to GHQ have drafted the Constitution of Japan”. This is a subject to let the cat out of the bag these days about the ideas of Constitutional amendment although is noisy, the Allied Forces are confessing unexpectedly in the form of a Press code in the Allied Forces. We drafted the Constitution of Japan for Japanese weakening, therefore, don't criticize. Then, a constitutional amendment is a way not to be able to avoid, if Japan wants to be an independence nation.
   There is also next article on the Press code, “don’t report the relation between occupation army and Japanese women”. Maybe, includes the relations, about the rape to the Japanese women by the United States soldiers. There were many of this cases. What I feel here, I would have to prevent the frequent rape , that happened in that period by United States soldiers to Okichi in Japan.
   In the Allied Forces, were a little corps Australia and British soldiers, too, because the overwhelming majority was a United States soldiers. I think that this crimes happened because is permitted to group together with all military group, especially United States solider.
   The number of outbreak of the rape was controlled, because they risk their life and they caught the soldiers in the army of the U.S.A.
  The U.S. which was stationed in Japan have required at first the comfort station was setting, it was required every place in Japan. An historical materials to be known as “Chiba official document”
on September 5, 1945, it is written the details that it was installed the comfort station for the 112th
Armed Forces cavalry soldier regiment, which landed at Tateyama.
   I'm not hypocrite so as to get angry with it. Young soldiers who estranged from the other sex for a long time, there fury of desire that is a male impulse as the animal. Since do not admitted this openly, the lie of the high-sounding statement of the United. States with many Puritans distorts the essence of things. The comfort station which was established in Japan be called “association of spare time entertainment” or well known in American style, it was a brothel. The U.S.Forces do not recognize prostitution facilities publicly, therefore, there would be nothing.
   What at first the America Occupation Forces in Japan demanded to Japan, it was setting of the station comfort.
  The special correspondent Mark Gayn of the Chicago Sun paper, manipulated the movement of the comfort station and said, “the plot of Japan which is going to decompose the U.S. Forces. The arm are alcohol and women, and the purpose substituted for Occupation Forces' morale and destructive of the occupation policy”. He don’t mention that during occupation period, the Japanese victim by the U.S. soldier is an average of 350 persons and the rapes more than 1000 persons every year (by the Procurement Agency). 100,000 people died by the terrible hand of Tokyo-air raid, he reduced that “6,000”. What a kind hypocrisy and lies!
  Association of Foreign Correspondent was base for the transmission of information, the Constitution is still valid. “Comfort station” was soon blocked; opposition from Mrs. Roosevelt was the cause. For her “cleanness” the rape increases again in the public, the general Japanese women became the victim.
   I feel sadness and anger for the nameless Okichi of large number of women. Because all the people override their sacrifice and their choice to risking life only for protect the virtue of the Japanese women, and apart from the dirtiness of their hands, condemn Japan one-sidedly. What was it the sacrifice that they paid for?
  The large number of Okichi that lays in various parts of Japan to prevent the violence to the Japanese women from the U.S. soldier. The U.S. don’t want to see this horrible condition and so has decided that this Japanese women are never existed. But I do not permit it. I will continue to write about they, and their real story
   Japanese people say that they did having done it sometimes, only in a particular case. Kouno statement is it. The figure to which a good person is troubled with entanglement in his own net is Japan. The spiritualism of Japan which has a base in Shintoism carries out “straight forward” right, and make honesty into a purport. They aren’t a particular responsibility of another person. Let that the past is past, repay a favor with a favor. Although civil persons were killed by the massive air raid and the atomic bomb, they does not point out to an ally repeatedly.
   The simplicity is a Japanese characteristic. But the American and the other countries have different mind. For self-interest and the concealment of the blame, betray a partner without thinking. Even if it observe, it doesn’t feel the necessity to help them. It doesn’t consider the sensitivity of Japanese people but the important thing is oppose the enemy. The foreign country is dishonest and wicked.
   It is elementary theory that is shameful, however, the first step was neglected for 70 years after the War, and it is the current wretched state. The double anti-Japan encircling net of South Korea and China, further, encloses anti-Japan of the United States.
   The yellow monkeys are excellent, even if there was lucky. From the burnt-out area by the War stand up now one of the major economic power. Then, to tear off money, unreasonable ODA to China and South Korea, expenses without the real power to the United Nations, such as the weakening on the money are intended, Japan is obstinate, the United States resumed Japanese assault.
   Some months ago, an important movie directed by Angelina Jolie, a particular movie to explicate the anti-japan lines, “Unbroken”. Talks about the story of a Japanese soldier that after tragic air incident, spend over 70 days into a small ship before to be captured. This is only a falsity pronounced by a man, Nicholas Donabet Kristof at New York Times.
  He was a member of the Special Correspondent Association scribbled and one day said “the Japanese soldier killed the Chinese child and consumed his meat.” Incidentally, Kristof's wife is a Chinese. Hollywood takes out sometimes a movie insulting Japan to a market. However, fans gathered around the visit to Japan of Angelina Jolie,
  This, insensible sensitivity is still functioning on the masochistic view of history and insult which GHQ entrusted and inserted the War Guilt Information Program.
  What the United States formed in Japan is the Shinto Directive, which banished Shintoism. In addition, these department instructed about three subject over Japan; Japanese history, and geography and explosion in school culture of Japanese nation. By this, Japanese people have racial pride extracted and continue up to now.
  The powerful and beautiful word of Japan is disappearing from Land of the Mizuho (Land of the golden rice-plants), which was prosper only the point of the spirit of language. The language getting sterility over the country, exactly, like the poverty of the spiritualism of the nation. While was assumed the Majesty the Emperor who lasted 125 generations in a male line the pivot potency of the country, I would like to prize the peculiar culture protected and cherished in the fort of sea on all sides. Protecting language is namely to defending a country.
  The earlier Korean comfort women of the U.S. soldier partner in the Korean War, brought a clothes against the Korean Government this June. President Geun-hye and the United States will have to resort at their good sense. Ironically, Park Chung-hee, ex-president who is father of Presdent Park Geun-hye, he has opened the comfort station. The U.S. soldier have embraced the comfort women. Although Korean at the time the Vietnam War, there is the fact, which carried out abuse, massacre a local women as “the sex slaves”.
  Who does a fair hand to hit Japan? The Japanese comfort station was legal and orderly.
In this connection, according to another view, Occupation Army had as the partner “the consolation men”, too. (『Do you know after War World II ?---Control and enlightenment of the occupation army in Japan』supervision by Takashi Momose)
   In 1946 near the Matsuzakaya of Nagoya, in the wooden apartment which remained unburned, some youths who passed a physical checkup were gathered and kept the American female soldier company. Since it thought that people who substitute dealing spring for a female human-rights theory secretly simplistically break up, it dared to have written.
   By the review of the Kouno statement by the Abe Administration, it concludes that it became situation disadvantage.
South Korea remarks the special point of argument to female human rights, although they blame Japan when the Japanese military was concerned with the comfort station.
  If prostitution is so miserable for women, why nobody doesn’t come to rescue immediately the prostitute? (the announcement of South Korea Parliament Government Inspection) who are present in Japan with 50,000 persons.
“Korean woman policy research institute “admits that is a large country of the prostitution under investigation.
  In order to suggest the Stranger Okichi in my local town Shimoda, there was largely described, since it had decided that the comfort women issue was my lifework, but comfort woman issue is the projecting intelligible and the negative signs of the United States.
   The United States should accept this cruel reality. The U.S. didn’t this crime only in Japan.

  The several installations of the comfort station that the U.S. Forces, did the Normandy leading, however, the U.S., refused this truth. It had been said this horrible thing “it was impossible walk the street without met the rape committed by the U.S. soldiers.”
   America, look your own dirty hand, if you want to hit, hit with those hand. It is incredible when an innocence put a hand on the Bible and swear, face in front of face about the crime of the comfortable woman. Japan fights for honor of oneself and their grandfather and father. We must never give up.
   However, a breakaway from the history Tokyo Trial may has a limit on a Government-level. The Kouno statement review of the Abe Administration was a crushing blow in Korea and the United States. Then why not leave the Kouno statement, or the Diet will summon Youhei Kouno. As regards the second of the two cases, they say it was not called, for the reason that is unconvinced, that is “there is no previous example”. I guess that is consideration to the United States or it is pressure from the United States. A clear thing is only one, for a certain reason, it is that the Government is wavering to the United States. Then the people grow up, and only mention voice. Even if is the United States cannot suppress the voice of the people of Japan.
Don't rely on the government, rise up by oneself, and fight! It is not “nationalism” that some people is afraid. I only say that will become an ordinary country which we stand by our self and we can protected by our self.
   I have some concrete plans, for example the execution of the animated cartoon. For example “A bamboo forest far away, the war experience of a Japanese girl, Youko”, it is starting this production by the private, and rise contributions, that action will become a big question. No way is better use of the technology and popularity of animated cartoon for pour a Japanese disgrace and introduce the truth into the world. About the Senkaku Islands the money gathered so much, if a movie makes a hit, can recover it. If we get a profit, we will be able to design the next cartoon. The concrete plan leave it out, but I will move to this.
   Additional remark; When I have finished writing this article, after a short time Asahi-Shimbun recognized in the morning paper on August 5, “misinformation about the relation of fact of the reality comfort women in Korea.”
   However, there is no apology, does not wrote one line with the English version, moreover, sift a point of view, seeks to condemn Japan as usual. All these condition was complete, but the Government will not make the revision of the speech of Kouno. (Probably it is from diplomatic consideration to South Korea and the United States). In conclusion, the nation would be awake, stand up and take some concrete action.
  The nation should be fight the war in name of this important information and called other patriots to help us to fight for the truth.
And let us combine forces!

   translated by Mayflower(五月花の羊)さん
           and Chiara Catalano

          静岡県下田市議会議員 高橋富代
 一九四四年に朝鮮人慰安婦たち二十人へのアメリカ陸軍の尋問調書が収められているのは、他ならぬ米国立公文書館である。調書の「序」にいわく「慰安婦は売春婦、Professional camp followerにすぎない」と。
 オバマ大統領はあろうことか、東京大空襲の「ドーリットル爆撃隊」の隊員に、 議会最高位の勲章を授与する法案に署名した。日本各地の大空襲では無抵抗の赤ん坊や、小学生まで含めて民間人計三十三万人が空襲で殺された。原爆と合わせると七十七万人の非戦闘員が命を落としている。ドーリットル爆撃隊への授章理由は「傑出した勇気」だそうだ。   
 言うも気恥ずかしい初歩のセオリーであるが、しかしその初歩を戦後六十九年間怠って日本は現在のていたらくである。韓国と中国の二重の反日包囲網を更に、アメリカの「反日」が取り囲む。黄色い猿は優秀で、幾つかの幸運はあったにせよ戦後の焼け野原からあっという間に立ち上がり、経済大国となった。ならばカネをむしり取ってやれというわけで、中韓への理不尽なODA、国連へ実権を与えられぬままの出費、などなど金銭面での弱体化が試みられるが、それでも日本はしぶとく、またぞろアメリカは日本殴打を再開、その一環がアンジェリーナ・ジョリの反日映画「UNBROKEN」であろう。日本軍が生きたまま、捕虜の肉を食らったというストーリーで、 これは特派員協会の会員であったN・Yタイムズのニコラス・クリストフという男が「日本兵が中国人の子供を殺して肉を食った」書き散らした捏造と軌を一にする。 ちなみにクリストフの妻は中国人である。 ハリウッドは間歇的に日本貶め映画を市場に出す。だが日本人は、アンジェリーナ・ジョリの来日にファンが群がり、GHQがwar guilt information programに託して刷り込んだ、自虐史観と侮辱に鈍感な感性はいまだ機能している。アメリカが日本人に為したのは、神道の事実的追放である神道指令、学校教科における修身・日本史・地理放逐の「三科指令」であり、日本人はこれにより民族の誇りを抜き取られて現在に至る。言霊の幸わふ瑞穂の国から、その豊穣で美しい言葉が絶えつつある。言葉が痩せることはすなわち国の精神性の貧困を意味する。男系で百二十五代続いた天皇陛下を国の要としつつ、四方の海の要塞に守られて育まれた固有の文化を大事にしたい。言葉を守ることは防衛なのだ。
 いったい、誰が日本を打つ白い手をしているというのか。日本の慰安所は合法で規律正しかった。ちなみに、 一説によると 進駐軍相手には「慰安夫」もいた。(『戦後の日本を知っていますか?―占領軍の日本支配と教化』百瀬孝監修)昭和二一年、名古屋は松坂屋の近く、焼け残った木造アパートに身体検査に合格した数人の若者が集められ、アメリカ女性兵の相手を したとされている 。売買春を、短絡的に女性の人権論に話をすり替える人たちが絶句すると思うので敢えて書いた。安倍政権による河野談話の見直しで形勢不利になったと見るや、韓国は「女性の人権論」に論点を置き換え、慰安所に日本軍が関わっていたと責めているが、売買春がさほど悲惨なら、日本に五万人いる売春婦(韓国・国会国政監査発表)を、早急に救い出しに来て欲しいものである。韓国が売春大国であることは「韓国女性政策研究院」が調査の上で、認めている。
付記 拙稿を書き終えてからしばらくして、朝日新聞が八月五日の朝刊で「慰安婦問題の事実関係に誤りがあった」と認めた。しかし謝罪は無く、英文版では一行も触れず、その上、論点をずらして相変わらず慰安婦をネタに日本を叩く構え。政府はこれだけの環境が整ったのに、(おそらく対韓国対アメリカへの外交配慮から)河野談話の見直しはしないという。やはり国民が覚醒して立ち上がり、この仕組まれた情報という名の戦争を戦うしかない。互いに呼びかけ、手を組み立ち上がろうではないか。

I am very grateful to you.



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